Clear and simple recording of targets, agreements, competencies, and results.


An employee performance management system that is available 24/7.


Significant time-savings during the performance review cycle throughout the organization.


Convenient and attractive dashboards for management, HR, and managers.

Improve your company's performance review process

Manage employees’ performance digitally
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Help your employees and organization realize their full potential with online performance review software!

PM Online has been developed by a team of experienced professionals in the fields of HRM, Executive Leadership, Business Consulting, and Systems Development across various sectors and countries.


PM Online performance review software offers:

  • A convenient, enjoyable and time-saving digital performance review process
  • A strong focus on competencies, targets, and desired behavior
  • Clear, employee-specific targets
  • A multilingual software, available 24/7
  • Tools to help employees and organizations realize their full potential
  • Easy implementation without the need for technical support
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Switch to digital performance management with PM Online

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What is PM Online?

PM Online performance review software is a user-friendly, cloud-based performance management system that minimizes the amount of time needed to prepare, conduct and document the various meetings during the annual performance review cycle (i.e. Target Setting, Mid-term Evaluation and Performance Review). With its convenient dashboards and strong focus on competencies, targets and desired behavior, PM Online provides your company’s management, managers and employees with valuable insights, performance data and clear targets to work towards.

The system is based on the substantive expertise of experienced professionals in the fields of HRM, Executive Leadership, Business Consulting, and Systems Development.

PM Online provides a clear foundation for personnel development and revenue and business growth. Since PM Online is a cloud-based system, it is available 24/7, there is no software to be purchased and installed, and no server space needs to be allocated and managed.

How is the performance review cycle structured in PM Online?

Similar to most performance management systems, the performance review cycle in PM Online comprises up to 3 formal meetings:

  1. Target Setting (at the beginning of het evaluation period)
  2. Mid-term Evaluation (halfway through the evaluation period)
  3. Performance Review (at the end of the evaluation period)

Most companies opt for a performance review cycle from January to December.

A more detailed overview can be found here.

What are the benefits of PM Online?

PM Online performance review software is easy to use, provides convenient dashboards for tracking and managing the performance review process, and requires relatively little time from your company’s management, managers (in their role as reviewer) and HR department.

All employee performance data are documented and availabele within PM Online, providing reviewers with one central place in which to initiate, manage and finalize the performance review cycle.

PM Online guides reviewers through the employee review process step by step, so they do not require substantial support from HR or management.

Certain features can be turned on or off without any additional implementation rounds. Therefore, no consultants or training sessions are needed in order to tailor the performance review process to your company.

High-quality performance management has never been easier!

Can I access PM Online on my smartphone or tablet?

You can access PM Online using a web browser. The user experience is optimized for desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

Is PM Online available on Mac?

Absolutely! PM Online performance review software is a cloud-based solution and therefore accessible through any web brower, whether you are using a computer (PC or Mac) or a mobile device.

Which pricing plan should my company choose?

PM Online offers different pricing plans, based on the number of employees. Your plan can be upgraded or downgraded at any time should the size of your company change. For more information, go to Pricing or contact us at office@performancemanagement-online.com.

Can PM Online be used offline?

You need an Internet connection to use PM Online, but the forms in PM Online can be downloaded and printed for use during meetings with employees.

What about data protection?

PM Online performance review software uses high security standards to protect user data:
  • The PM Online website has an SSL certificate.
  • Users assigned an Admin or Reviewer role in PM Online have to use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to log in.
  • When logging in for the first time, users have to change their temporary password.
  • Reviewers can only access information pertaining to the employees assigned to them by the company’s PM Online Admin.

Will I get access to any future updates and if so, how?

Yes, as a PM Online user, you will always have access to the latest version of the software. This is one of the many benefits of cloud-based performance management software. Updates will be installed automatically and will not affect your data. You will be notified of any updates by email and/or within PM Online.


1. Target Setting

At the beginning of the evaluation period, reviewer and employee discuss and set targets, which the reviewer then documents online.

2. Mid-term Evaluation

Halfway through the performance review cycle, reviewer and employee discuss the current status.

3. Performance Review

The employee’s performance and achievements are evaluated by the reviewer and discussed during the Performance Review.


Objective assessment of employees’ performance.
Clear agreements about desired behavior and expected results.
Valuable input for contract renewal, promotion, demotion or termination decisions.
Employee-specific metrics to support long-term performance monitoring.
Valuable input for decisions regarding salary increases or bonuses.
Clear targets can help boost motivation and productivity.

“Digital Excellence in Employee Performance Reviews”