Every company using performance reviews as one of their HR instruments goes through the same performance review cycle year after year. At various times throughout the evaluation period, managers formally engage with employees to review their performance within the organization. An employee’s evaluation period usually includes three formal meetings:

  • Target Setting
  • Mid-term Evaluation
  • Performance Review

These formal meetings provide employees as well as the organization with valuable insights and feedback. However, in many organizations these meetings are either intentionally not conducted at all, or forgotten or postponed because everyone is too busy with their day-to-day activities.

PM Online performance review software enables reviewers to prepare, conduct and document these meetings more easily and quickly. This results in significant time-savings for managers, relevant up-to-date data for HR, and valuable feedback for employees throughout the entire performance review cycle.

A performance review cycle from January to December


Target Setting

During this initial meeting, reviewer and employee discuss what will be expected of the employee during this evaluation period. The reviewer first documents the employee’s competencies and targets in PM Online, and then discusses the defined targets with the employee during the meeting.


Mid-term Evaluation

This interim evaluation takes place halfway through the performance review cycle and serves to asses and discuss the current status. Reviewer and employee review the agreements made at the start of the cycle, and discuss whether the employee’s achievements are on track. Any special circumstances or additional agreements are documented in PM Online by the reviewer.


Performance Review

Prior to this meeting, the reviewer scores the employee’s performance in PM Online. The scoring results and any accompanying notes can be saved in PDF format and printed as a visual aid to facilitate the discussion during the employee’s Performance Review.